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  • This doc includes EIS as an "investment service" - so will require reporting..... If the EIS is a discretionary portfolio then don't see why Mi…
  • If she is releasing equity and using that to pay care fees there has been no deprivation. How soon is the care anticipated? If it is just "at some point in the future" then making gifts or other planning to address other legitimate objectives (s…
  • I think this is where buying in a white labelled robo proposition could work quite nicely......
  • @T_Smith No not as triage. If the client wants us to look at it then we charge a fee regardless of advice outcome.
    in DB Transfers Comment by Jona July 8
  • We have a dedicated protection team here. After advising correct product, terms, provider etc they get one of the customer service team to schedule a 45 minute slot with the client over the phone to do the online app and Trust stuff. As you say the…
  • Yep as per @benjaminfabi good old fashioned xls and add it as a future value in Voyant.
  • Top bombing @arongunningham
  • @benjaminfabi Yes SDLT issue needs raising; I am hoping they did seek the requisite advice and mortgage was sorted prior to transfer of ownership.
  • Canada Life's Tech team's view. It is our understanding that it would be two PETS, as they are separate transactions, unless there was an official contract/agreement in place in which case he would be buying at below market value and so the gift…
  • @Nath we struggle with that too. Our network tells us you've got to look at cost on a RIY basis, which we do to tick that box but then tell compliance it's worthless due to issues such as you raise and stick a manual side by side % and £ cost compar…
  • Avenir Book Don't offer larger font as email reports as encrypted PDF - they can then zoom in or out to their hearts desire (and saves us postage and stationary costs as well as being GDPR compliant).
  • Yikes! First time I've seen that, thanks @richallum Some digging needed.
  • Cool @benjaminfabi
  • @Suse1969 thanks
  • Thanks @MattAdams I'll add them to the mix.
  • But, then we have the issue of "although", "still" and "yet"
  • But if it is deducted from net pay; then yes, £60 grossed up gives you your £75. Your right @benjaminfabi brain freeze on a simple question.
  • Same if you mark it as PP albeit that is deduction from gross pay.
  • £75....... (although you now have me doubting myself). 7.5% of gross pay (£1,000) = £75...
  • If the fund is in a bond wrapper then I would say yes. The tax treatment does not care on whether the "income" is natural or not - under a bond it's deemed as a distribution and subject to the chargeable event regime. I would have thought.....…
  • Transact?
  • Have you looked at third party (paid for) study resources that may offer the support you are seeking? e.g.
  • This was posted elsewhere by @arongunningham it may help...?!?!
  • I did a training course offered by local CII - excellent refresher to R0 and J0 content plus exam technique training - speak to your local rep....?
    in AF1 Comment by Jona April 3
  • Is net position of the "bonus" a reduction in charges to 0.48% though. If the 1% isn't taken then the "bonus" isn't added - so it effectively a refund of charges.
  • Exactly as Andy says - past papers and try a third party resource if you have not already as that may present the content to you in a more coherent way. Keep at it!!
  • As far as I understand it - which is not very far at all - there are both State and Federal taxes levied in the US. Federal taxes worldwide income and I think it is down to the State to set it's own parameters.... International tax expert needed.
  • I think the £6K figure is to gain a CGT exemption on disposal of a chattel. If the gain is more than that then it falls into the CGT calc - then there is a further calc to do around actual gain v five thirds. I think.....
  • AE Plan contributions