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  • I agree this Dan and Aron too. You are moving from one accumulation product to a decumulation product. Albeit our - large national - network takes a different view (which I find odd given the pedantic stance they take on a lot of things) So w…
  • @benjaminfabi Ahh yes the CII library - not used it much but might take a more involved stance with it.
  • I have used TechLink in the past (on Trusts and other matters); albeit searching and drilling down to the particular topic you want can be a little onerous. Would appreciate pointers to other useful resources too.
  • You need that breakdown of benefits and we always ask for a full CETV and partial CETV pack (where the scheme offers it and could be in client's interest).
  • Does the attached help? See page 8 onward in relation to correlation etc.
  • phew! Thanks
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  • It's gone again?!?
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  • We do similar to @Jamie_Barnes Brief overview of DC plans and initial TVAS summarised in a short "initial review" report and present this alongside our cash flow software so we can begin to narrow down the case direction of travel.
  • As @richardgough says TVC assumes annuity purchase. I am also struggling to see why you would transfer out of DB to buy an annuity. So is the more pertinent piece of info in the report the age funds will run out if same level of scheme income is …
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  • @charlotte.e we have tried the pool approach too - but make sure you have watertight processes and know exactly who is responsible for what otherwise stuff can fall through the cracks and fingers start pointing.
  • Let people make mistakes - it's how we learn. About as good as I've got @Rebecca_Tuck sorry........
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  • @Ralfos Re fin strength; I went through the Macquarie debacle and aside from the considerable and additional admin costs; the clients were none to happy about the hassle and stress either.
  • thanks @Ralfos They seem quote a small outfit - no concerns over service or financial strength?
  • I went down the nested IF statement route to compare various platform charges in one place for a given investment amount - probably longhand so I too would be interested in alternatives. Works fine tho and saves time in the long run for the initi…
  • Speak to ATEB - used them in the past - may be just the ticket for a smaller firm.
  • Crystallised / Uncrystallised etc. The bit of your pension you have taken income / lump sum from and the bit you haven't.
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  • @Verus broadly yes - although DC schemes may have "safeguarded benefits" (guaranteed annuity rates etc) which also would require PTS input.
  • Yes the same. The most time consuming area is understanding the client's objectives and softer facts. It comes down to adviser fact finding skill and efficiency at the end of the day. We've adopted an approach that after each key stage of the…
  • If it's an old one it's not something to do with the Ticketus / Rangers fiasco is it...?
  • Maybe we just need to add a "data security" filter to our research to only consider firms / products who accept digital signatures / online processing - then the post issue goes away....?
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  • GDPR is more about consent to collect, share and how personal data is used. Sending something by post can be "assumed" secure as it is illegal to open post not addressed to you without legitimate reason.
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  • We get MiCap via our network but also insist at firm level that we see an Allenbridge and/or Churchill review to do further digging.
  • @Nath Friend of Betty's I think
  • Chunking though a load of low value ISA recommendations or small regular premium PPs for the young and low salaried is "ADVICE" that could easily be done via AI - and I would welcome it - gets it off my / my colleagues desks. But we are para"PLANNE…
  • I've used the CII ones in the past - can't say I felt it added much to my studies......
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  • Try old mutual or royal london - as suggested by protection adviser here.
  • You cannot control the markets but you can control how much you pay to access them....
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  • UFPLS M1 tax reclaim online form.
  • Thinking aloud..... The benefit being the £720 tax relief on the contribution as income / capital would potentially be tax free if just drew straight from GIA (rest of PA, PSA, 0%, DA, CGT AE etc would cover). So as long as the cost of the pension…