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  • I would like to throw my hat into the ring too. I am sitting R06 in July and my work fortunately are happy to pay for the BrandFT resources. However, upon reading this thread I am starting to think Redmill might be the way forward. I am happy to swa…
  • Glad to hear it went well! The wealth planning division at my place works alongside an accounting firm and as such timesheets are the bread and butter or performance and efficiency. That and most of my work is checked by the IFA and feedback is r…
  • Hi Newbie! Welcome to the industry! As someone who has been in your position twice, once during University and the other as a graduate I hope I can help. It will be easier to understand what to look out for depending on whether the role has…
  • This is huge, I have sadly paid for 5 textbooks in the past but this should save me a small fortune going forward. Thanks Nath!
  • @Dxm87 said: I have decided to read the book, going to do 20 pages a day then will move on to the Aviva notes. Is the information that changes just the changes to tax etc? So most of the information should still be relevant? Yeah, for th…
  • Hi Dxm, Firstly, congratulations on passing your LP2 and welcome to the wonderful R0's... I passed R01 a couple of months back and although I cannot vouch for Redmill I can say that the CII textbook does go into great detail and in a lot of cases…