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  • Cheers Jona
  • I'm probably a little late to help you on this occassion but you may find all you are looking for on https://www.fundecomarket.co.uk/
  • Hi Jenny I would be happy to discuss how Clear Paraplanning can help, please call me on 07925 203590. Mike
  • Try https://www.ethicalscreening.co.uk/ethical-funds-database.aspx 
  • I have used a number of these and I believe that Genovo is the clearest and most configurable.  Importantly it is updated very quickly indeed when legislation changes and it provides excellent, friendly support. www.genovo.co.uk
  • Yes, perhaps locum was the wrong label but the only one I could think of at the time.  So - anyone out there fancy entering into a REciprocal Qualified Introduction arrangEMent with me?  Hmm... sounds a bit final, but it is what it is :-) 
  • Clear Paraplanning Limited will not be sharing any data with the locum. If an emergency arises where there is business in process, the adviser will contact the locum and arrange to send the paraplanning instructions to them.  The locum will start th…
  • Richard, Do you forsee data protection issues with this arrangement?  If so, please share your insight. My understanding is that provided both advisers and paraplanners are registered with ICO and work along ICO guidelines then no data protection …
  • Jonny,  You have hit the nail on the head when you say you would not be able to sustain the workload for any length of time.  The object is to provide each other's clients with an immediate but temporary solution following an unforseen disaster.  A…