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  • @Suse1969 said: Love this thread. We've just discussed it in the team and we all say written phrases out loud to check they make sense. That's a great tip for proof-reading. Also - read the report back to front.
  • I never use however in the middle of a sentence to separate two clauses. I would use but, or a full stop with however to start the next sentence. I feel like however should be preceded by a semicolon and not a comma. It's probably one of the few occ…
  • @Nathan / @richallum glad I could help. I learnt English from a textbook, so I see the English language from a different perspective - most of the time, it's a hindrance but, occasionally, it proves useful.
  • I used to use Patterson and found it really helpful.
  • "Neither of" is followed by a plural noun or pronoun (in your example "you") and a singular or plural verb, which means that both forms are grammatically correct. However, a plural verb is more informal, so: Neither of my parents **speaks ** ​…
  • Lots of great suggestions. I would also add: * The One Thing by Gary Keller * Deep Work by Cal Newport * Get Things Done by David Allen Not financial planning related but all have had a profoundly positive effect on the way I work and how mu…
  • We write short reports every time somebody crystallises - no matter how little. We also write reports when clients draw income (lump-sum and regular) from their pension pots. There is normally quite a lot to consider - LTA (for PCLS), long-term f…
  • @benjaminfabi this is amazing. I was quietly counting on your COBS knowledge. Thank you. And thank you, @arongunningham, @Suse1969 and @richallum for confirming I wasn't going crazy and was interpreting the rules correctly.
  • We recently (last week) transferred a Standard Life SIPP to another large SIPP provider and it was done within days. So I think I'm with @arongunningham on this one, as the most plausible explanation.
  • Hi Barry, I took it and passed it in May last year. I used the CII material as the core study text, which was okay, plus some practice papers from Brand FT, which I always find useful. Personally, I found this to be a relatively easy exam, and a bre…
  • I second all of the above and would also suggest a good old excel spreadsheet.
  • Voyant is great but for simpler cases or high-level thinking, I really like Moneyscope. 
  • Wouldn't it be amazing, if all providers got together and put all their amazing tools and calculators on one website? #christmaswish
  • I also like Client Support - it encompasses so much more than "administration". On the other end of the spectrum, for me at least, is Sales Support and calling financial planners, Consultants.
  • Hi @Mummyto2girlz  First of all, it's wonderful to hear you are getting back into it after a bit of a break. Financial services and paraplanning, in particular, offer great opportunities for women to have a fulfilling career whilst bringing up a fa…
  • Hi @Pedro  If you're doing due diligence in this area, you may also find it useful to look at Dynamic Cash Management   We did some work on this a few months back and also looked at Octopus …
  • Great discussion. We use Moneyscope with DB transfers and it works very well.  Similarly to @parawhat, we start with replicating income from the DB scheme in a personal pension environment. We prepare three cash flows for this:  1. What growth rate…