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  • @arongunningham that's the answer they seem to give anyone asking.
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  • @arongunningham That's spot on. Can you share how you've broken it down We're doing the same so it would be good to compare notes. Happy if you'd prefer DM in here or email
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  • Thanks @Jamie_Barnes That's how I'd do it although use Goal Seek. A few of us are having 'discussions' with a software provider about how they do it and I was trying to see if there's an actual formula rather than actually doing the calc step by ste…
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  • There's an old cached version that some people see. If you click the link at the top of this thread you'll get there.
  • @Gustavo_Fring that was linked to the target if you put one in but seems to have gone. I think this is new instead.
  • Hi @redcard only for people who were there I'm afraid. You can see some of what was covered in this Howwow
  • Thanks David. We sent an email out last week with them in. Can you check your spam folder just in case? I'll DM you a link to it in here.
  • @andrew88 said: Hi Folks, Former Adviser here from Edinburgh. I was made redundant from L&G last year and moved in to Business Development. I sat R06 today so want to gage other candidates thoughts, experience and answers to…
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  • JOhn reynolds.
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  • The normal CY stuff is in there but it's based on different assumptions to the TVC. Selectapension also now takes into account lifetime allowance and will adjust projected scheme pension at retirement if there is an excess based on a default comm…
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  • I agree with you both that there are very few cases where a client would transfer with the view of buying an annuity. We do full cash flows to consider suitability and don't think this adds a lot to that process but we have to show it from 1 Oct and…
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  • Can't think of anything. Why does client want to do it?
  • We've been thinking about doing protection CPD like the tax & trust stuff we're doing with Utmost at the moment. If anyone knows someone or a company that have people like John Haley and would be willing to work with us, let me know.
  • Hi @abbas786 have you seen NextGen planners? They are based in Manchester and have a good community for new and upcoming advisers. They also do events in Manchester. Worth getting in touch with them.
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  • @SarahMS said: Hi All I'm Sarah. I work for SJP too! I have just moved from the main company into a Practice. Looking to venture into Paraplanning. 2 exams done... need a kick up the behind to pick up the next one. I have a lot to learn …
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  • Thanks Neil. You've been missed by lots of paraplanners.
  • @AnnieG said: Hi all. I’m Annie I live in Bristol and been Paraplanning for over 10 years. Currently work for Smith & Williamson alongside 3 paraplanners. Outside of work, always on the look out for the next holiday with the k…
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  • It's really good to hear that you both enjoyed the Powwow. @Tory if geography is an issue, have you considered doing that remotely using something like Skype?
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  • Pedant alert! GARS are safeguarded benefits but you do not need to be a PTS to advise on them, just the 'pension transfer light' permission from FCA.
  • @TomLloyd_Read is spot on. It's a strange form of group life arrangement designed to provide a capital guarantee (T&Cs apply).
  • Two simple questions often help at the start of what could be a very short process. 1. The regulator's position is that transferring is unsuitable for most people. Why are you different than most people? 2. This is an irrevocable decision. Why now …
  • ParaSophia said: Hi, I'm a career paraplanner, self-employed work from home type for SJP. Please don't all throw spears at once! I'm working towards the diploma and the goal is chartered. This was a career change for me and once that I am enjoy…
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  • Ask Siri. That'll tell you all you need to know.  On a more serious note, it may help report writing but has a long way to go to replace the real skill of a Paraplanner: thinking, questioning, analysing, challenging, planning etc. 
  • You can work it out manually in excel and add a debit to the forecast at 75. We tend to use XPLAN for this as it handles it really well and doesn't show the tax as a personal expenditure item.
  • If you're interested in this, Glyn is a damn fine person and paraplanner.
  • @Sam our PI is based on business type: Paraplanning. We're with Collegiate.
  • @ParaP When we used Word I'm sure you can set up the auto text gallery in the template on your server and control it centrally.
  • @Gustavo_Fring you can do that in AutoText & Autocorrect If you really want your mind blown and to go to a whole new level of productivity, check out TextExpander.
  • IO that's an acceptable 'main' home for them but what about back ups? What if IO went pop? What if you wanted to leave IO, could you get the documents back?
  • You might find this useful background info. Was written 10 years ago but good on background stuff.