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  • Hi @kpin I ordered the following: Ray & McLaughlin's practical inheritance tax planning Inheritance tax 2018/19 Thanks
  • My colleague paid for EP and he said it provides good techniques and examples. However there is only limited information they can provide. Have you tried to do their trial as it gives a bit overview what exactly they are offering. As with kpin, I a…
  • FundsNetwork Low cost and full fund range. Relatively easy process (FNW do it) of converting to adult ISA when the child turns 18
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  • Hi Richard, they didn't explain any reasons for the delay but keep saying that they are working on it. This is a good video which explains the standard in more detail:
  • Hi, I signed up almost two years ago now but the programme officially launched last year. However I only received the book so far and no workshops have been arranged. We love working with Standards International but there's been a delay with progres…
  • Andy, I've done excel calculator myself a few years ago and you can input TFC (if needed) and client's income as well. Happy to share. Please let me know your email address and I'll email Thanks, Anna
  • Thank you Nath and Jona! Very useful to know what other people do. Anna
  • Thank you everyone, all very useful. While dealing with this case, I found a good guide and checklist on Scottish Widows website which I think is quite good.
  • holepunch said: I'm sitting AF7 in October this year. If anyone else  already has the textbook, please share your view on the answer to the scenario question at the end of chapter 3. I believe the answer provided is incorrect. This because the …
  • Many thanks everyone!! Very useful!
  • Have a look at yesterday's webinar by 7IM and Technical Connection - they discussed it in detail. Here is the link here
  • Thank you for your help. We had Voyant but found it too detailed for what we need and our advisers won't use it in clients' meetings as it takes a long time to input all info. We use CashCalc and quite happy with that. But I might have another look…
  • Hi Jonny, We need to show / explain clients how their investments might perform in the future based on their risk profile comparing with other scores, to show them how they can achieve their goals by increasing their pension, ISA contribution plus …
  • Have a look at 7IMagine. Very client friendly and free to use (iPad only I think though) Otherwise CashCalc will do the job for you or you might consider Dynamic Planner