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  • I asked our resident expert and he's replied with the following: • Class & Simply Class can be done from 2 lives upwards, with a minimum annual premium of £480 – generally best for small, straight forward schemes – 2-10 lives. Cannot includ…
  • Try John Reynolds at Expert Pensions.
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  • Ongoing suitability - fine. Charges - impossible to do this efficiently for the legacy book of business we have.
  • That's the same area I spend most thinking time on - and yes, once I've got that, the rest of the report does seem to flow quite nicely. I always try and get the team here to put together the objectives - if they've not managed to get that out of…
  • No we don't do much DFM work Dan, but yes that's my understanding too - DFM trumps. Ben, we work quite a bit on AA/LTA work - we've two universities and a teaching hospital here, so there's a regular stream of advice not related to a product.
  • We're part of an accountancy practice and my VAT team have given me a rule of thumb - if we're intermediating and there's a retail investment product at the end, it's exempt and no VAT. If we're doing tax advice for example, this is VAT-able as it's…
  • I've had a think about this and I'm not going to change our postage - same as it was. The reason it's raised it's head is that we have to report the breach to the ICO in the event of this happening. I'm going to go with us being as sure as we can be…
  • Still considering this Jonny. Head says we should but how many people are actually at home to sign for the documents? Gone will be the days of partially completing an application for a client!
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  • I know it might sound obvious but have you posted this in the community on iO? I think it's something to do with Service Case and linking that to the plans but definitely not an expert and that's only my initial thoughts as we're not using the portf…
  • I think there will be areas it can help us, and help us a lot, but I can't see it having such an impact on what we actually do. I can't see AI replacing the technical abilities we need to carry out the job never mind the hands on, at the coal face, …
  • Have a look at Standard Life - their 1825 arm produced a triage process that we've adapted and it's really good to establish whether it's right to take things any further. Your local consultant should be able to source this for you.
  • Guess what we're adding into next week's paraplanner meeting here :-) I'd forgotten the auto text tool. 
  • We looked when we made the move to Intelligent Office but it was in separate parts and income didn't link up with the database. Seemed a bit clunky for us. 
  • Thanks both for that. I posted when we started looking at your spreadsheet Jonny as this is closest I've seen to what we need and we got to the same conclusion. We've a pretty straightforward proposition and when it gets more complicated then I'm ha…
  • @parawhat   question for you - how do you deal with multiple products, eg investing in all three? Is there a way to aggregate costs?
  • We don't use iO to retain our documents (a bit cumbersome in my opinion) but use Volume Watermark. UK servers, and as per Richard's remark, we can obtain our documents if we decide to leave. Did research on backups and we were content that they met …
  • Yip, it's a great question Jona.
  • I asked our VAT and tax team: VAT - it’s the intermediation (of a financial product) that creates the VAT exemption and the customer is not important (though I guess in reality the nature of the customer will drive what they are buying). BIK - …
  • Oh good god and here was me thinking I had my head around this. I'm hopefully meeting with our legal firm next week post the Powwow (scheme members), so I'll post if there's anything useful from that too.
  • Oh yes - my RBS one was just a really confusing statement. No issues.
  • We scan in colour and print it black and white. It's a better print, but always submit and certify the b&w version. 
  • That is such a shame. I've was speaking about this yesterday too. 
  • Drop me an email 
  • Of the ones we looked at last year, if we were to use one, it's ATEB.
  • Everything went through online including the questionnaire and rates produced really quickly. No having to haggle for a better rate and Aviva were by far the best rate we could get. They do a sample check of their clients to make sure that they're t…
  • Assureweb allows you to enter all the details in that the common quote uses too. Last one we did was with Aviva and it went through really well. They did a random check on the client about 6 months after the annuity was in place - no issues with the…
  • The only one I've come across like this, the provider confirmed they would pay back the GMP to GMP date with interest.
  • Wow Richard. Had a look on our database to see the last time we did one but nothing is coming up! Must have been pre-2009 last time we looked into them. 
  • BCE4 - annuity because the 4 looks like an A. BCE6 is sexy six so it's PCLS. BCE5 is age 75. What you use for the valuation then becomes that bit easier because it's easier to remember the BCE. Had a look at my notes and didn't write others down but…