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  • OMW have one I thought Scot Wids did one too - but seems to have gone AWOL.
  • Brett Davidson, FP Advance If he can't help you I am sure he'll point you in the right direction.
  • @Clare_Weight - yes it's a bit more techy - we have software in our database that turns word docs into an encrypted web page which can be accessed by the end user who has the associated password (also system generated via random password creation); …
  • It does seem a little OTT to have both Voyant and cash calc. Take your pick of those (and halve the subscription costs) then depending on frequency of need plumb for one of the main TVC modules (eg selectapen).
    in TVC tools Comment by Jona August 30
  • Is one way @arongunningham or without DIM; portfolio changes can be rebalanced into at next adviser led engagement when the clients agreement is obtained.
  • Parmeneon have something too I think. And Square Mile.
  • You can get a salary guide from these guys (split out by broad regions and different functions).
  • Used these guys before in this space.
  • Has The Lang Cat got anything?
  • Yes they do a lot of Key Man, Relevant Life etc and it is all done through Iress
  • Surely the IFA firm for whom you are providing services will have PI - so you would be double insuring..... Sounds like the IFA you have been speaking to is just trying to pass the buck - perhaps not the sort of outfit you want to be working with.
  • Protection guys here use Iress
  • @Rcaisley we toyed with this one too, but the weight of the undertaking initially and ongoing put us off in the end. We felt we did not have the time and resource to pay the necessary attention to it and regulatory burden and impact that could there…
  • I would say you definitely need this if you are handling client data.
  • @arongunningham you can get shorter than 13 weeks. See: I'll have a word with the Group Protection Advisers and see if I can come up with some names.
  • Yeah, earnings are actually about 265 and then he's got a london rental and a few other bits so....... need a full breakdown but taper may still kick in to a greater or lesser extent
  • If they have the earnings in the year they are carrying forward to (in this instance £250K in 2019/20) then they can carry forward up to 100% of their earning. EG 40K from 16/17 40K from 17/18 40K from 18/19 10K for 19/20 (tapered AA) Tota…
  • Snap @benjaminfabi
  • Does this not state otherwise? But any pension increase which is in some way personalised for the individual, for example it occurs on a birthday of the member, is u…
  • Yes - client is question is tapered to £10K this year but as no UK earnings (rent income only) can carry forward the 120K. What is your twitter handle @benjaminfabi - I'll probably learn a thing or two!!
  • Yes they can. (i've determined)
  • @Northface Combo. Lock stock move from one network to another.
  • @arongunningham our network (rightly or wrongly) has interpreted it as you and @Nathan say. If client review cannot be conducted then we issue a letter saying "on what we know it's still all good, but if anything has changed since we last spoke t…
  • Yes it a variation on the same theme as the Can Life WPA and the IOMA ones. Not used it myself (or indeed for a client).
  • Cheers @Andy_Schleider
  • Just bumping this one. If there is anyone out there who is part of True Potential or Flying Colours that would be willing to have a brief but candid chat about the good, the bad and the ugly please could you drop me a DM? Much appreciated.
  • @kimbendall This has a multiple income source calc as well as stand alone PAYE, divi, CGT etc - but like @benjaminfabi I tend to use them as a sense check for my own workings (or maybe I just have an unhealthy distrust of online calculators.....) …
  • This doc includes EIS as an "investment service" - so will require reporting..... If the EIS is a discretionary portfolio then don't see why Mi…
  • If she is releasing equity and using that to pay care fees there has been no deprivation. How soon is the care anticipated? If it is just "at some point in the future" then making gifts or other planning to address other legitimate objectives (s…