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  • I use Calibri 11 too. I changed from Arial when Microsoft changed
  • @arongunningham I completely agree with you; I'm sure that I am not the only one on here who has to have a chat with their car insurance providers who are magically able to reduce your premium when you call! I used to work for the annuity provide…
  • And don't forget to call them up to see if you can get an improved rate. I spoke to a provider and was able to get an additional £450 per year for our client.
  • If you're an in-house paraplanner and your adviser has Cashcalc you can have a paraplanner licence for free. I don't know if other solutions include this option, but I know they compare very favourably with Voyant in terms of pricing
  • I went to a few study sessions run by Sussex CII (John Traynor), of which R04 was one of them. You do have to slog through an awful CII book but I found the study days to be really helpful. They're really good value as well, and you meet some inte…
  • J05 is similar to R04; it's just written instead of multiple choice. Written exams are scary after such a long time of not doing them but a good way to ease you into AF exams, if that is your goal
  • I wouldn't suggest my option but I can help with past papers if you need them
  • I did J05 and AF7 on consecutive days in October as there is a fair amount of overlap in the 2 subjects, but I wouldn't recommend it for 2 AF exams. I am sure there are people who do manage it but I would prefer to concentrate on getting through on…
  • I sat AF7 in October and resat in April. I've been doing pensions exams immediately prior (R04/J05) and as that is a large proportion of my work my plan is AF8 next, then AF4 and finally AF5, which should give me the points I need for chartered. E…
  • I found the exemplar: That's very few words for an assignment!
  • @richallum Freshly opened today!
  • I have 7 past papers (2 from 2016, 3 from 2017 and 2 from 2018) which I can send you if you like? Only the 2016 papers have model answers though
  • NS&I?
  • To be fair, if you want the whole study text, you may as well pay for it (or get your employer to). The thought of spending hours snipping pages and printing them one by one would drive me to drink!
  • It's not free. It's something through Standards International, and I don't think it's accredited by a recognised body (eg CII/CISI). Michelle Hoskin is the founder and director so she is probably the best person to ask (but not if you want an unbi…
  • There is a RIY calculator on FE Analytics as well
  • Oh dear - can you remember what they were about?
  • Congratulations - I've been told it is one of the harder exams (this from one of the invigilators at the exam centre).
  • When you read the CII book, remember that the most important part is the objectives at the start of each chapter. It helps to focus on the syllabus and course objectives, so if you can achieve the points as explained, you will be fine
  • I would suggest reading that then and use the third party resources to supplement and consolidate your learning. Boring though the study texts are, you do actually learn stuff from them, and as the exams are based on them it is probably a good idea…
  • If you use Intelligent Office you can share using the PFP. I don't know if it's an addon or included though
  • I would stick with it if you can, and get yourself booked on another exam as soon as you can. I would also purchase question banks either from CII or something from BrandFT (or even Expert Pensions). I think R01 is compulsory and if you put it to …
  • We use Parmenion - easy to use, cost effective and great customer service
  • Thanks Shuggy. However we don't use Voyant; I had a free trial but couldn't get on with it so remained with Cashcalc, who can also stress test portfolios
  • Hi Richard You might be a bit late for Expert Pensions as their offering is a structured study plan, but it's probably still worth talking to them in case there is anything they can help with. I can't comment on Brand as I haven't used them, b…
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  • Thanks guys (it also matches my excel calculator, which is a bonus!)
  • Interesting viewpoints on an exam I am considering as part of my route to chartered
  • How is it advice? If you tell her that is an option you're not giving an opinion, you are giving her factual information on an option which is available to anyone Please do correct me if I am wrong...
  • I know of some in house paraplanners that are CF30 so do sometimes give advice. With regard to discretion, are you talking about the recommendations? I have some discretion about some of them within my own firm. Do outsourced planners have that…
  • Why would you need carry forward for an employer contribution - employers can pay as much as they like iirc?