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  • Yeah, not sure how I got on with that this morning. The ESA and PIP question is 8 marks I definitely did not get! The bond vs OEIC question was a bit of a curve ball but managed to get some info on the differences between the two tax treatments whic…
    in RO6 April 2019 Comment by Tory April 8
  • Feel for you Abbas, but you've obviously put hard work into it, don't give up on it when you are so close but don't rush into a retake too fast. Take your time, read the text book, back it up with the additional resources you have, do the question b…
  • The CII study texts are not small, not sure how many pages but there are a lot. But if you have failed it with the other resources then I would agree with the others that you need to go through the text. How long have you been studying for the exam?
  • Hi Meghan, Just to say that I'm taking the R06 in April too. I've also just pre ordered the Brand FT case analysis. I also have their notes and am going on my local CII institute's revision day. Basically, I'm doing everything I can to get a pass f…
    in RO6 April 2019 Comment by Tory March 18
  • I had to do a very similar case the other week. We used Tranasact as they took the CTF transfer. Not cheap though.
  • Thank you @Andy_Schleider and @richallum Yes I would be open to doing something remotely as well as able to travel a little way to meet up with people.
    in Shadowing? Comment by Tory May 2018
  • Thanks Richard, at the end of the day it's my boss's decision, I don't have much say on where he wants his business to go although I can at least raise any concerns I have regarding work load. He is talking to some other networks and also consideri…
  • Hi Andy, I've just found them (gotta find time to watch them now!).
  • Thank you Sam!!!
  • That's a shame, such a good resource. Afraid I don't have any but I am studying for R04 at the moment so would be grateful for anything relating to that module  
  • Wow, thank you Jamie, that's super helpful. Thanks for taking the time to write such an in depth response, much appreciated
  • Thank you Jamie, He's wanting to end up as an independent, directly authorised adviser. Mainly people approaching retirement, so looking at pensions, investments and some IHT stuff. Ok, so I suppose the follow on from me is: What would be your top e…
  • Hi everyone, I'm Tory. Just starting out in this job. Took an admin position for an IFA 11 months ago, love it and now working towards my qualifications (just passed RO1 last week) to become a paraplanner. I've had various jobs in-between having chi…
    in Say hello! Comment by Tory May 2016