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  • Thank you, I have used Expert Pensions study notes for AF1, AF3 & AF4 and have found them really useful so I am leaning towards them. I have heard good things about Brand though just not sure I fancy paying for both!
    in AF5 Comment by richardince March 13
  • Thanks Andy
    in AF5 Comment by richardince March 11
  • Excellent, thanks for your help.
  • I just purchased the notes and did get access to the forum (not sure if you still do). John has got some videos on youtube which were also very helpful.
    in AF4 Comment by richardince August 2016
  • That's really useful. Thank you  
    in AF4 Comment by richardince August 2016
  • Thank you for your help
  • Thank you.  I have thought of some basic questions to ask providers but can you think of anything out of the ordinary that I need to be asking as part of our due diligence? Hope you don't mind me asking but what was the driving factor that made yo…
  • Hi everyone, I'm Richard and have been a paraplanner for nearly 3 years. I am level 4 qualified and I am working towards chartered status. Away from work I am a big football fan. Favourite chocolate has to be Terry's chocolate orange :