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  • ParaP

    Hi Andy,

    Thank you for posting about Enable and Fusion last week. Sorry I haven't replied to you before now, it has been pretty hectic!

    You mentioned in your post that you find the site really slow. Is that Enable itself or the platform Fusion? We have only been shown a demo of Enable so far and it looks to be all singing and dancing in comparison to XPLAN which we currently use.

    What platform costs apply to your firm for Fusion? Do they have a good selection of product wrappers to choose from?

    Are you aware of what the implications would be if you wanted to no longer use Fusion? Would you have to stop using Enable too?



    May 30
    • amarshall
      Hi Chloe,

      Apologies for the delay in replying, I was off for a few days (and now feel like I want to go away again!).

      I don't use the Fusion platform that much but I find both Enable and Fusion pretty slow. Further to that, I am not really delving very deep into using them so if it is the tech that's slow, it could be even worse than my experience.

      I find that there are things which I am used to from Transact which are either not available or a real pain to use within Fusion (eg CGT analysis).

      Our costs start at 0.25% for Fusion and decrease on a tiered basis above £100,000. The charges are very competitive.

      I don't know what the implications of using only Enable would be. Our client assets are split across several platforms with a slender majority being on Fusion, with most of the rest being on Transact. We also have some on OMW, 7IM and True Potential.

      The linking between Transact and Enable is ok. Not sure about the others.

      I presume we get a discount on the cost of Enable because we use Fusion but it may be that all the discount is fed into client costs.

      Despite being the paraplanner in charge of platform due diligence, I don't get to know about such things!

      I hope that's helpful and do let me know if there's anything else I can try and answer for you.