Paraplanner Involvement in Investment Decisions

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Hey all

I just wanted to get an indication of how many paraplanners are involved in investment decisions? When I say investment decisions I mean the selection of one fund over another or the selection of one suite of funds over another.

Rather than reply, if you do give me a thumbs up, if you dont, give me a thumbs down.

You can reply if you want, just thought it would be quicker.



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    I can't see any thumbs on your post. Is it just me?!

    edit they've appeared on my post though!
    Jonny (paraflex)
  • I can see thumbs on my post though...
    Jonny (paraflex)
  • Hello - I do, but also can't see any thumbs on your post!
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    Thumbs up and down only works on comments not original posts.  @Nathan if you do a comment we can show the love or not.

    We sit on several firms' investment committers and help with all parts of investment process & selection.  The day to day stuff of investment bores me silly though so prefer not to go there. 

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  • We have an internal investment team who make investment decisions for us. They dedicate their whole day to researching funds and maintaining our model portfolios, which leaves us to focus on the financial planning side of things. 
  • I hate investment decisions. So boring. "Client wants a risk x fund in their pension" is the servicing request I least look forward to 
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