What do you enjoy about being a Paraplanner?

Hi all,

I'm looking to become a Paraplanner and as part of an interview presentation I'm doing I am carrying out some research on people who are already Paraplanners. I would very much appreciate it any of you are able to briefly answer either of the following two questions:


- What do you enjoy about being a Paraplanner?

- How do you feel about the career progression opportunities available to you?


Please feel free to be as honest as possible, all responses will be made anonymous prior to my presentation.

Many thanks in advance


  • Hi, I started out just over a year ago, and do not regret it for a minute.

    The learning curve has been steep! But the range of topics enormous. I am doing a combination of on the job training, formal learning doing exams and a whole lot of teaching myself by using google.

    I think the thing I appreciate the most is the support from other paraplanners, for example input on this site.

    In answer to your questions:

    I enjoy the variety, as well as the support from colleagues.

    With regard to career progression - the sky's the limit.

  • Some of things I enjoy:

    - Always learning something new, every day
    - No two days are ever the same
    - Some freedom to structure your working day
    - Positively impacting clients' lives
    - What you put in (in terms of interest and effort), you get out (in outcomes for clients and positive feedback)
    - Being constantly in demand, challenged by superiors and being relied upon (good pressure IMO) 
    - Networking with like minded professionals; both providers and other paraplanners
    - Chance to meet some truly inspiring individuals.

    Career progression:

    - Paraplanning is a career in its own right now, rather than a stepping stone
    - Chance to manage your own paraplanning team, or lead administrators
    - Move to other firms (constant demand for paraplanners) to find a 'perfect fit'
    - Clear pathway to becoming an adviser if it is desired
    - Entreprenuerial types can set up their own outsourced paraplanner businesses
    - Adding other job roles such as sitting on investment committees, becoming a technical specialist for pensions etc.
    - Helping to shape the future of the advice profession by sitting on boards, pressure groups, professional bodies.

  • Thank you both for taking the time to answer my questions, your responses came in very handy in my interview presentation 
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