Passive Model Portfolio Providers

Does anyone have any recommendations for DFMs who offer Passive Model Portfolios?

We currently use Parmenion but would like to have an alternative.


  • Couldn't be able to recommend any as we don't use them here but i know Thesis is a DFM that offers passive models. 7IM offer passive funds that are broadly similar to their active DFM offering, only passively allocated so that's another alternative angle.
  • Speak with Evidence Based Investments ( and their Vantage service - might be just what you are after.

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    We use 7IM a lot.  Not traditional passive portfolios but a good alternative.

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  • Thanks guys.

    I will check these out.  

    We are also going to have a look at AJ Bell's Model Portfolios as these are in passives.
  • Re AJBell.  We had used these guys for a low cost platform and passive buy and hold approach.  However, in this circumstance the old adage of "if you pay peanuts..." could not be truer.

    Their admin and functionality is atrocious (in our opinion) compared to other low cost providers out there.
  • Morningstar offer passive model portfolios on the Aviva platform. I believe they are made up of 80% passive funds and 20% active, and the charges are capped at 0.50%pa (not including platform charges). However, they were only launched in May this year, so you may want more performance history before using them.
  • Have you looked at the Vanguard Lifestrategies and the L&G's Multi-Index Portfolios?
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