Two AFs?

 Has anyone attempted 2 AF exams at the same time; if so would you recommend any particular two together?

Or is it just not a good idea?! :)

Thank you



  • AF5 and one other is perfectly possible. I'd say as long as you have nailed your study for the other prior to the case study coming out (2 weeks before the exam), you could give both a good go. AF4 is probably the easiest I guess, and maybe go for an 80 point haul by doing J10 just before the case study comes out?

    I certainly wouldn't recommend doubling up when doing AF3 though. I know people who have and have passed both, but it has such a low pass rate the risk isn't worth taking.

  • I sat AF4 and AF5 at the same time in October last year and I agree with Tom.  It's a lot of hard work and you really need to plan out your study time but for me it was worth it because it got me the credits I needed for Chartered status that little bit earlier. It might be an idea to check up on the exam schedule on the CII's website to see the dates and times of the two exams you're planning to sit - 2 in one day would definitely be too much! AF5 is a great combination unit though as most of the preparation has to be done at the last minute once the factfind has been released so you can focus your study on the other unit you choose to sit.
  • I would agree with the other posters that if you are going to do two then AF5 should be one of them.

    I managed AF1 and AF5 together.
  • Don't suppose anyone has an AF5 book I could borrow/buy do they?? :blush: 

    Many thanks
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