Adviser to Paraplanner and Admin ratios

I was wondering what everyone's thoughts are on the ideal ratio of advisers to paraplanners and admin staff?

I'd guess one to one would be best but I was curious to see what everyone else is working to or would like to work to.

We have 3 advisers, 2 admin and 1 paraplanner.  


  • Hi Peter, we work 3,3,2 at present and it seems to work well. We also work with a couple of admin/senior admin in ad hoc roles though. 
  • Hi,

    We are 3 paraplanners working for 7 advisers. We have a dedicated administrator and each adviser has a dedicated administrator.
    Benjamin Fabi FPFS
    Chartered Financial Planner 
  •  It's 1,1,1 for us. Works well.  There's a very small amount of crossover between admin and Paraplanner - we don't mind helping each other out if something needs to get done.

  • PeterMPeterM Member
    Sounds like we need another paraplanner going by those ratios

    I was wondering why I never had a minute to catch my breath!
  • BecciJBecciJ Member

    We have 7 advisers (plus one mortgage adviser) and a team of 5 paraplanners (2 part time). We each generally have 1 or 2 advisers each to look after but also have our specialisms so some of us would deal with the more complex investment cases regardless of the adviser and 2 of us look after the corporate cases and split the advisers between us. For example I look after all of 1 adviser's work and then will also do corporate pensions and employee benefits for 3 of the advisers who deal with employee benefits, auto enrolment etc (all on a 3 day working week!).

    We have 4 administrators as well and they also look after specific advisers as each as well. Hope that makes sense. It works for us anyway :)

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