R05 Mock Questions

Hi all,

I'm quite new to this site but have been reading through some of the posts and am so pleased so much support!

I'm wondering, if anyone has any printable R05 Exam question packs for 18/19 at all? My email address is natalie.duval@hotmail.com if anyone would be kind enough to email some stuff through?

Exams are my pitfall, so I like to have as much practice as poss. Thanks in advance everyone.

Natalie :-)


  • Hi,
    Did you manage to get any?
    If not, I have 9 mocks I can send.
  • @Mirenshah83 said:
    Did you manage to get any?
    If not, I have 9 mocks I can send.

    Hi Mirenshah I would really appreciate if you could let me have a copy of the mocks that you have.

  • Hello guys. Im also sitting my r05 in May. Would appreciate if you could also forward me a copy of the R05 mock exams. Email address is diarmuidlaverty87@gmail.com

    This would be really appreciated 😁🤞
  • Hi I am also sitting my R01 and R05 exam in may.Could someone forward me a copy of the mock exams.
    My emmail is namuanmayan@gmail.com

  • carlykennycarlykenny Member

    Hi everyone, I am also sitting my R05 exam in a couple of weeks. Please could someone be kind enough to forward me a copy of the mock exams. My email is carlykenny1980@hotmail.co.uk


  • NicoleNicole Member

    Hi there does anyone have any mock R05 exams they could email me ?
    my email address is nicoleamower@gmail.com
    Be very grateful for any. Thanks

  • did you all manage to get some mock exam questions for the r05? I have mine next week...just wanted to see if I was up to speed please Scott-steele@outlook.com. thank you

  • Hi there, I am currently working towards and studying for my r05 exam I have some practice papers from CII but if anyone could send any they have extra that would be amazingly helpful because I learn best from doing mock exams and practicing questions. Any help and exam papers sent to mgebauer7@gmail.com would be most appreciated.


  • NatD1984NatD1984 Member

    Hi all,

    Apologies, it was me that started this thread and then I failed to come back on here. My bad. If anyone would still like some example papers, I have three for R05 and for R04 that someone else very kindly sent me. I needed them for R05 and I'm pleased to say I passed first time, the extra exam practise really helped me.

    The ones I have are for Brand FT.

    I'm now working towards R03, so if anyone has any resources for that, I'd be really grateful.

    My email address is natalie.duval@hotmail.com.

    Good luck in all your studies.

    Nat x

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