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Hi Everyone,

I've been invited to interview for a financial planning associate role and since I have no experience in the industry as of yet, I was hoping some of you kind people would share your thoughts on how I should best prepare for the interview? What type of questions I'm most likely to be asked?

Thank you.


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    Hi Newbie!

    Welcome to the industry!

    As someone who has been in your position twice, once during University and the other as a graduate I hope I can help.

    It will be easier to understand what to look out for depending on whether the role has a longer term outlook on you becoming a financial adviser or a paraplanner. Both require you to have an understanding of personal finance, with no doubt your employer wanting you to complete the (Regulated) Diploma in Financial Planning via the CII.

    Paraplanners tend to be more analytical and involve more research based activites whereas advisers are much more client facing and focus on building relationships. Do you have the choice to explore both avenues?

    I assume you will have to do basic numeracy and spelling tests. Both of my interviews/assessment centres had both of these plus psycho-metric tests. My interviews were more chat based rather than quizzical but definitely keep up with current affairs on the news, especially financially!

    Hope this helps you have a better idea of what to expect. If you need anything else just ping me.

    Best of luck!

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    Thanks for the response Toploader - much appreciated!

    I feel the interview went well, as I'm coming from a different career I was understandably asked about why I'm changing etc. Some questions were asked on my current level of knowledge of the industry/terminology but they were too intense as it's an entry level role.

    One final question if you don't mind; As an administrator/associate, what metrics or performance indicators are you evaluated on?

    Thanks again for your response.

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    Glad to hear it went well!

    The wealth planning division at my place works alongside an accounting firm and as such timesheets are the bread and butter or performance and efficiency. That and most of my work is checked by the IFA and feedback is reported as necessary.

    The latter is invaluable for growth as if you do not know you're going wrong you cannot fix it. Hopefully you can develop a similar relationship with your peers and I hope you get a good response off the back of your interview!

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