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After a bit of advice from those experienced in the CII financial planning exams on the best and most efficient way to tackle them. I've got R01 booked in for June which preparation is going well for. I'm using the Brand FT study notes and question pack which, so far, seems to be a good addition to slogging through the study texts. Initially I had just planned to stick to the DipPFS to begin with however reading around it seems a common consensus that if you have ultimate ambitions of achieving APFS it makes sense to double up on certain exams at the same time.

With that in mind I'm planning on running R02, J10, J12 and AF4 together for the October date and then R04, J05, AF7 and AF8 together next year. Does anyone with experience of Brand FT know what the best combination of study materials would be to succeed in both of these endeavours? I don't want to shell out for study texts, questions and calculation books for 4 exams if the majority is just going to be repeats.



  • If it helps. AF exams are generally the application of R/J exam content, so are looking for a different type of answer. Some of the resource packs for AF exams may include R/J content as it is good for content revision. I recall that Wizard Learning might have done this.
    Do check that you don't have any clashes of exam date though... Tends not to be on the AF/J front but could be an issue for your two Js. Not sure if CII have released the precise dates though. Remember R exams can generally be done at any time (provided there is an exam centre) rather than being restricted to those.
    There is a bit of a step up from R/J (Level 4) to AF (Level 6) though.
    Hope this helps - i'm sure others will chip in.

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