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Hi all 👋 has anyone signed up or gone through the assessment process for the Paraplanner Standard?


  • No. I'm not sure it's worth it to be honest (assuming it isn't free)

  • It's not free. It's something through Standards International, and I don't think it's accredited by a recognised body (eg CII/CISI). Michelle Hoskin is the founder and director so she is probably the best person to ask (but not if you want an unbiased opinion!!)

  • CaroCaro Member

    I believe that one of the conditions of being on their panel putting it together was that you had to be in the first cohort which I think was due to start in October last year.

    There were a few members discussing it on the thread way back when, so perhaps they would be a good place to start:

    Although having said that, Reece hasn't been on here since then, so may not be able to help much at all!

  • I picked up a copy and have been using the training matrix for one of our team. Not sure I would do it as 'the standard' personally, but the skills analysis was helpful for SWOT.

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  • Thanks guys 😀 I just wanted to see if anyone out there was actually doing it as it is expensive!
  • AnnaAnna Member

    Hi, I signed up almost two years ago now but the programme officially launched last year. However I only received the book so far and no workshops have been arranged. We love working with Standards International but there's been a delay with progressing the Paraplanner Standard which is a shame.
    So apologies I can't give you any feedback on the programme as yet. I still feel positive about the programme as I expect SI to provide lots of useful information, techniques, etc as we received during two year programme our company completed recently.

  • richallumrichallum Administrator

    Hi Anna. Any reasons given why the delay and lack of workshops?

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  • AnnaAnna Member

    Hi Richard, they didn't explain any reasons for the delay but keep saying that they are working on it.

    This is a good video which explains the standard in more detail:

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