Failed RO1 - 5 Times

I am really angry at the moment.

Keep and failing RO1 by 2 marks.

I have passed RO5. Shall I move onto ro4 or ro3.

I really want to become a financial adviser.

Shall I not switch bodiew to libf or cisi.

I need your help guys.

I am desperate I dont know what to do with life anymore.


  • I would stick with it if you can, and get yourself booked on another exam as soon as you can. I would also purchase question banks either from CII or something from BrandFT (or even Expert Pensions). I think R01 is compulsory and if you put it to one side now, you'll have to do all that work again.

    The very best of luck - you're so nearly there and it will be such a relief when you do pass

  • JonaJona Member

    Exactly as Andy says - past papers and try a third party resource if you have not already as that may present the content to you in a more coherent way.
    Keep at it!!

  • Thanks Andy.

    Jona I have tried eveeything.

    Brand ft, revisionmate, past papers.
  • Sorry guys,
    I did not read the cii book.
    I was told to buy 3rd party resources.
  • I would suggest reading that then and use the third party resources to supplement and consolidate your learning. Boring though the study texts are, you do actually learn stuff from them, and as the exams are based on them it is probably a good idea to read them!! I bought an alternative study text for R02, but I still read the CII one

  • How many pages is the ro1 cii textbook.
  • ToryTory Member

    The CII study texts are not small, not sure how many pages but there are a lot. But if you have failed it with the other resources then I would agree with the others that you need to go through the text. How long have you been studying for the exam?

  • Hi Abbas,

    I agree with the guys above, stick with it as you've already done the hard work. Personally, I wouldn't book another retake until you've read through the CII book. As mentioned, it's not a quick or easy read but you do definitely need the book content. It has self-test questions at the end of each chapter to assess which chapters you need to brush up on, or at the very least get the key facts booklet.

    Good luck, it really is the most tedious of RO's, but keep at it!

  • When you read the CII book, remember that the most important part is the objectives at the start of each chapter. It helps to focus on the syllabus and course objectives, so if you can achieve the points as explained, you will be fine

  • CII text book and maybe book a course for a day.

  • BeckyJBeckyJ Member

    Hi Abbas,

    I did R01 last summer. I used a combination of:

    • the old Aviva notes (you can find a link to them in the big tent)
    • the key facts booklet from the CII
    • the online learning tutorial from the CII.
    • question pack from the CII

    I never even bought the full CII text book.

    I think the key is to practice, practice, practice past questions. You have to be able to spot the ones where they are trying to mislead you with the long rambling pointless information.

  • Thanks guys.

    I have being doing ro1 for 6 months.
  • ToryTory Member

    Feel for you Abbas, but you've obviously put hard work into it, don't give up on it when you are so close but don't rush into a retake too fast. Take your time, read the text book, back it up with the additional resources you have, do the question banks and then do them again. Good luck.

  • Five times is shocking. Well done for keeping at it. There are no easy routes - I suggest you buy the book and read it. There are no short cuts in life.

  • SW1990SW1990 Member

    My exam ritual is simply 3 weeks of solid studying before the exam - I read the book, re-write it in note form and do CII bank questions over and over. For me thats the only way I learn and ive past all first time. It's dull but I honestly find the book covers every eventuality. Also after I do the questions on CII, if I get them wrong I will look up the answer in the book so I make sure I understand why I got it wrong.

    Its boring but works for me

    Good luck and dont give up!

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