R06 Fail. I got 79 and it says pass mark was 82 (for some reason I'd thought it was 65% for this one but that must be the number of people who pass rather than the pass mark). Is that close enough to be worth asking for a remark does anyone think?


  • I failed by 1 and didn't bother because I was told rarely are the marks amended.

    The score isn't out of 100, so i think the pass mark is still 65%.

    Funnily enough, I scored 100 the next time round and didn't correct people when they were amazed at my 'perfect' score.

    The good news is you were very close, so i'm sure it'll be a breeze next time round.

  • Thanks I was thinking it wasn’t close enough to be worth bothering barmy that they don’t express the result as a percentage though. I know exactly why I failed I missed a couple of questions over the page off completely and realised at the 2min mark (having carefully added extra elaboration to other q to use up the last 20mins) I scribbled like a maniac but didn’t do enough to grab enough of the easy pickings, exactly what I tell the kids to be careful of doh!

  • Grr to book for April requires a late fee of £84 as well as the regular fee. They are really taking the proverbial, so I should have booked the exam before I even knew I would fail it?

  • JJacksonJJackson Member

    I just booked with the late fee. I rang them before I booked and funnily enough the late fee for July doesn't kick in until 07/06/2018 - just a month before the exam - so not sure why they're trying to rob us for this one.

    Has anybody got any idea around which solutions packs are best out of Brandt, Verridian and Wizard Learning? I haven't purchased the R06 book, seems like everyone finds it useless..... any thoughts?

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