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Good afternoon,

I have been offered the opportunity to outsource some admin to another part of the group my IFA firm is part of. This would probably be an interim measure before we take on a new member staff. If possible, I'd like to have a chat with someone who does or has done this.

The admin process I wrote up previously was very much geared toward regular interaction with me (i.e. I'll say if info is complete or not). Basically, how can I best make the most of staff who are experienced in admin but not IFAing and be able to leave them to it?

Many thanks,

Clare Weight


  • JonaJona Member

    Going through the same process at the moment @Clare_Weight

    We have taken the view that it is unfair to expect an admin to have the required technical knowledge so it is only the most vanilla (no technical knowledge required) tasks that are being identified as passed over.

    The hope being that person or persons dealing with these will express an interest in more involvement and we shall invest time in training them to transition across FT.

  • What sort of tasks exactly Clare? May be able to provide assistance
  • Thanks Jona, I'm thinking along similar lines but want to nail down a kind of service agreement I suppose. Less formal because it's interdepartmental but I still think it's important that parties have the same expectations. Bloody paraplanners and our love of detail hey!

    Yonkers, I'm currently at the stage of framing that question... Probably rethinking the whole business process thing because I never very good at knowing when to just stop!!

    The admin team in question currently give admin support to an ACD (re funds). I think they'll be quite on the ball. I'm not sure yet how much time they'll give me. It might be a case of bidding convincingly against other departments which is why I want to sound like I know exactly what I want and the benefits it will deliver.
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