Revision Mate v Exam Questions -RO4

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Hi, I Recently sat R04 and relied heavily on revision mate questions and mock exams. Was scoring 80% plus towards the end of my study, but the exams questions where nothing like the questions in the exam. I scored 64% in exam, for which i got a pass. Just wondereing if anyone else had expereinced the same on RO4 or any other exams.


  • Yes I found this with all the exams ive done so far - R01, R02 and R05 - Ive had to really sit down and read the books, mindmaps etc and do the questions on CII and Aviva Advisers mock papers. I found that when I went into the exam room that the questions were so much harder than the CII mock ones and worded differently as if to catch you out but if you learn the content put in some soild hours you will be great....certainly did think I would fail them all when I was in the exam but passed first time on them so far (touch wood!) so im going with over prep than under prep!

    Others might say differently though, but I found them different to the mocks

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