What to do while waiting for your results

A few of us have exams this week, and I want to know, what do you do while waiting for your exam results? Do you just forget about study for 2 months, or do you keep dipping into the study text to brush up on any weak areas in case you need to resit?

I seem to have some spare time on my hands now which is great, but I'm worried about getting out of the study habit


  • I suppose if you haven't sat AF8 and need another AF exam before AF5 then you could do this in the meantime as it is assignment based. I have just sat AF4 and have been tempted to do this, however, if AF4 is passed then I only need AF5 anyway so not sure if my boss would fork out for both. I think I may wait for results only this time as I have a lot of personal stuff in the run up to Xmas now including a best man's speech to write and deliver!

  • Yip, had my 2nd attempt at Af5 this week....my books are shut and away!

    I may start working my way through the Canada Life Tech Videos and Fidelity Adviser Tech videos to keep my knowledge fresh/brush up. But that will be at my leisure!

  • I have put my AF5 stuff away whilst I await my results. I still need 30 points for chartered (assuming AF5 is in the bag) so I have enrolled in AF8 and will aim to complete that between now and April. But generally after an exam I close the books and enjoy a well earned rest from revision.

  • I've usually had enough of studying by the time the exam is over so I forget about it until I need to start again. In the meantime, there are loads of articles around on Professional Paraplanner, Techtalk, and similar sources to ensure you don't lose touch with things.

  • In my case....anxiously await the results and over analysis every question you can remember and the answers your provided, convincing yourself one moment that you have passed, and the next failed! lol

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    I am really tempted with AF8. Coursework seems really relevant to what we do day to day, rather than a technical memory test!!

  • AF exam results from October sittings appear to be available online already, a little early.

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