- New Investment Bond Tool

We are pleased to inform you of the release of a new Investment Bond Chargeable Event calculator.

This is geared towards more complex scenarios, such as encashment of multiple investment bonds in the same tax year. It can also take into account factors such as previous increments, segment encashments, policy loans, and different levels of withdrawals from individual segments. It will also calculate whether such encashments will incur a tax charge, based on current income. It will allow you to retain calculations and rerun them at a future date.

Also, we plan to add features to analyse how to extract a given amount of money from a collection of Investment Bonds in the most tax-efficient manner.

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  • Hi,

    Having already registered and tested it out this morning on a case i'm working on, there seems to be a couple of minor bugs in the system. Specifically, on the withdrawals page which has changed figures I input into the system before validation, and every time I overwrite and re validate the figures it reverts to the same numbers again. I've tried changing everything to 0 and validating but that hasn't worked either. I've also tried the resetting by changing the 'mode'.

    Apart from that, this looks really promising!

  • I'll sort this out ASAP.

  • Hi Jamie,

    That particular issue should hopefully be resolved now. It was only affecting a few random cases, so it took a bit of time to figure out. However, you should be able to over-write previous values now. I also made some other minor adjustments and fixes.

    I don't look on this forum every day, so if there are any issues, the quickest way to contact me is to send an email to


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