Paraplanner PowWow Awards and Provider Due Dilligence

Hey All,

How do those two subjects even mix i here you ask?

I was thinking ( I do that once in a while) whether we as a group of paraplanners, might be interested in having some sort of Paraplanner PowWow awards for providers and alike?

Being paraplanners, I know what you are all thinking, we are limited on time and how will it help us?  Well my thoughts were that if we were to run some sort of survey, through a survey company or I am sure that Richard has some whizzy software somewhere, we could log the data and use it to produce a report that not only could we use to support our provider due dilligence.

I think it could be a great way of colleactively telling providers whether they are doing a good job or not, who knows it could even get big enough for us to host some sort of balck tie award cermony just for paraplanners.  (Side thought we could fund some of the award cermony through the sale of the data collected).

As I say, just a Friday afternoon thought and I am sure that many other ideas could stem from it.

If you think i'm crazy, just repond, "you are Crazy" if you think we are on to something, tell us and I am sure that Big Chief Richard can help us to get this thing off of the ground!!!



  • excuse the poor spelling and english, i'm excited

  • Yes like the idea...
  • Really like the idea, I'm sure it could be done through the PowWow software.

    Could have the standard award areas but also some more paraplanner specific ones, some ideas below:

    • Best platform
    • Best back office software
    • Best Discretionary Fund Manager
    • Best Risk Profiling software
    • Best alternative assets provider
    • Best online platform
    • Fastest phone response
    • Slowest phone response
    • Fastest email response
    • Slowest email response
    • Best response to RFI/COA letters (split by DC/DB?)
    • Worst response to RFI/COA (split by DC/DB?)
    • Best provider of paraplanner resources

  • Really good idea.
  • I think its a really good idea to collate info on the service that providers give, but should we be giving them awards and pats on the back for doing what they should be doing well as part of their day job anyway?! if it was exceptional above and beyond what you would expect, then yes definitely, but otherwise, I'm not sure.

    It probably says more about our expectations of providers if we are considering giving awards and kudos to those who do what they are supposed to do in a timely and efficient fashion, because we are so used to them to being slow, inefficient, unresponsive and generally a bit rubbish! 

    I agree we should totally hold them to account if the service the give is poor and has a detrimental effect for a client but not just for doing what they're supposed to! 

    Also, is there a danger of award fatigue? Everyone seems to be giving awards now, I can hardly keep up!!

    Get me, aren't I getting a bit vocal on stuff this week!! ;)  

  • I think it is a better idea to highlight the companies who are consistently doing things poorly. We all know who they are individually but bringing them together as a group and then naming and shaming them might have more of an impact. Throw in some defending comments from the providers in question and maybe we might start a revolution (unlikely!)
  • Hey everyone, has there been any further movement on this idea?
  • richallumrichallum Administrator
    Had a Powwow 2018 planning meeting today and this is on.  Stand by for the Powwow Platform Raspberries.

    Paraplanner. F1, Apple, Nutella, ice cream. No trite motivational quotes. Turning a bit northern. Republican.

  • Aviva making a late bid for recognition! 
  • Looking forward to the Raspberries :smiley: 
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