Audio Visual Ideas

Hello, we are currently revamping our meeting rooms and next week are meeting someone to discuss the possibility of having some AV equipment installed after the meeting room work is complete.  The ideas we have in mind are:  
  • Skype for Business (for remote client meetings)
  • Interactive screens or whiteboards (for internal training sessions and for use in meetings - Voyant etc.)
  • Improved conference call capability (self explanatory - our current system is a bit archaic and unreliable which can be embarrassing when it fails)
Does anyone have any other ideas or examples of AV use?

Thanks very much.


  • JonaJona Member
    I have found that rather than a big screen on a wall for client meetings (Voyant etc) having a second hand held screen you can give to the client is better.

    That way you do not spend half the meeting talking at a wall instead of interacting with the client.
  • Thanks Jona. Yes, the advisers have iPads so that's definitely an option.
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