Onboarding of children

Hi, what is your procedure when a child of a client, turns 18 with for example, a Junior ISA, which is to remain invested.

I think this is the trigger to take them on as a full client in their own right, which means completing their own factfind, assessing risk, issuing onboarding documents etc. Due to the likely low value of the assets, a simplified/automated proposition may be applied but are there any other areas where you simplify? A shortened factfind for example?

I do think it’s important to engage/build a relationship with the children of clients, so I wouldn’t want to simplify too much but I’m interested to hear how others handle this.



  • JonaJona Member

    I think this is where buying in a white labelled robo proposition could work quite nicely......

  • Yes, the investment proposition would almost certainly be along those lines, which makes perfect sense for the likely level of assets.

    I'm considering a simplified factfinding process, but part of me gets nervous about doing that. I wouldn't want to simplify it too much. This could be the 'child's' only assets.

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