Hybrid schemes and Voyant

Has anyone tried plotting a Hybrid scheme in Voyant whereby the client has a no worse off guarantee (NWOG) and where scheme would use underpin pot to provide TFC (I have commutation factors). TVAS doesn't help as it doesn't take into account the NWOG (he's not transferring anyway - we're looking to work income in 7 years time when he is 60 and takes benefits). NWOG is pretty much his 60ths now on what is closed accrual since 2015 - revalue this to age 60? Perhaps it's another mug of coffee problem this morning but I'm hitting a brick wall thinking about what to plot.


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    I've stopped trying to get Voyant, or any cashflow, to calculate future service. I always now work it out/estimate it myself (or use TVC system) and give the future income value to Voyant at the relevant age.

    Here, you need to work out which of the two possible future values is higher and use that.

    I don't think there's enough information here for me to properly consider how you'd do that but if you want to PM me we can have a chat about it?

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    Yep as per @benjaminfabi good old fashioned xls and add it as a future value in Voyant.

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    Thanks @benjaminfabi @Jona , yes that's exactly what I thought the answer was going to be but thought it worthy of asking just in case. Agree too about only using future values in Voyant.

  • Agree with @benjaminfabi and @Jona Have had to build a spreadsheet for CARE schemes as well and do a fudge' for personal contributions for the tax/expenditure - seems to work!

  • Suse1969Suse1969 Member

    Thanks @richardgough I like "do a fudge". Isn't the CARE spreadsheet wonderful.

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