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I've just been looking at these online flashcards and I wondered if anyone has used them?

If so would you recommend?

Or are there any other study aids you find useful?

Thanks x


  • Suse1969Suse1969 Member

    Just had a look at it. Seems like a lot of set up to prepare the cards specific to what your studying (I'm dong J07) but with the preparation you have to think about input so I think it might help for the one I'm doing. You can cut and paste into them too. Seems like a good tool for studying on the move which works for me as it's both interactive and visual. I'm going to give it a go.

    Other than that, I'm a writer. It's always been my way. I can write something down and remember it without having to go back to it. My study books are full of repetitive tables and bullet points where I've found I'm finding it difficult to pick up a particular point. That way, I can picture what I've written when in the exam.

  • harpoonharpoon Member

    I would take a look at Anki It is a free open source flash card system which you can install on a PC. It comes with a free online account which syncs up with all your installations, so everything is kept up to date.

    What I’ve found useful is it tests you on flash cards based on a clever algorithm which determines which cards you should be given for review. So easy ones get shown to you much less often than the ones you struggle with. In this way the number you have to study is kept to a minimum.


  • Hi,

    I always create my own flash cards using cards from Ryman’s, as I go through the study Dec helps me and I also get my kids to test me on the bullet points - they take no prisoners if I’m slightly wrong!

  • Claire Goodwin Claire Goodwin Administrator

    Thanks all - much appreciated. I've also discovered some flashcard templates in google docs 👍🏼

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