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Has anyone tried to build an Excel Spreadsheet cash flow planning tool and, do you feel that it was suitable for your requirements?

We're currently researching a lot of CF tools but they're all pretty pricey! Are there any CF tools out there that are cost competitive and still provide good value?

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  • I've seen excel cashflow planning tools, but you expose yourself to risk on several fronts. keeping it up to date. avoiding errors in the calc.
    The benefit of a CF tool is that they will test it in more detail and have more users so more chances to pick up stray bugs. They will also tend to keep it up to date with tax changes/best practice. Some have planners working on the helpdesk so understand what you are trying to achieve.
    All feels safer and worth the cost.

    That said work out what you want it to do. If you don't need all singing all dancing then you can get simpler cheaper systems. If you need MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY then you are going to have to pay for it...

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  • If you're an in-house paraplanner and your adviser has Cashcalc you can have a paraplanner licence for free. I don't know if other solutions include this option, but I know they compare very favourably with Voyant in terms of pricing

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    We used to use Excel and it can be really good but all the points @DanAtkinsonUK states are valid. it's very risky in terms of updates, version control and tracking how it's used.

    You do get what you pay for with CF tools although you could also paying for more than you need. have a look at Moneyscope & cashCalc at the simpler end of things.

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  • The answer's CashCalc, what's the question?!

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