R04 - RM Advance/Expert Pensions/CII

Hi all
I'm about to embark on R04. I have come across various websites such as expert pensions, RM Advance and a couple of others who provide study programmes instead of slogging through the awful CII text books.
Has anyone ever used these programmes and are they better than the traditional CII text book route?
Or any other advice on what might work? I've done R01,2 & 3 but am looking to see if one of the other routes may be better?


  • I went to a few study sessions run by Sussex CII (John Traynor), of which R04 was one of them. You do have to slog through an awful CII book but I found the study days to be really helpful. They're really good value as well, and you meet some interesting people, plus you get fed and watered (or coffee'd!).

    For more info it's worth checking the local institute events website.

    Obviously if you're nowhere near Crawley it might not be such a good option, but I did chat with one person who travelled there from Salisbury to attend.

    I think there are similar options up north but I understand they are somewhat more expensive

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