Has anyone done LP2 recently? Do you recommend using the CII text?

I have recently returned to Paraplanning after a few years' career break. I already hold the Cert in Paraplanning but now looking at completing my diploma. Only need 25 credits, but frustratingly need to do LP2 in order to first complete the Certificate. I have several years experience etc so wondering if Brand or another resource might be easier for me than a chunky textbook when I already have a lot of the knowledge.

Thanks in advance.


  • DanielleKDanielleK Member
    Hello Laura, I sat the LP2 exam at the start of May. I read through the first half of the CII text book and then turnt to the Brand Test questions, as I found most of the text book to be ‘generic’ and as you say the book is chunky, especially for a level 3 exam! Best of luck for your exam!
  • Laura111Laura111 Member
    Thanks for that, I’ve done a couple of past papers so I can see my weak areas so I think I’ll definitely invest in more questions from Brand too!
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