Hi All,
Does anyone know whether the CII permit the use of cashflow modelling software if the report is correctly referenced and included in the appendix?
Also, do the CII take 40 working days to mark each assignment or is this the absolute maximum time that it takes?


  • Evening, I’m studying J09 at the minute, have you received any replies in regard to this and how are you getting in with your assignments?
  • JohnBoyJohnBoy Member

    I am using cash flow modelling software - what they are asking for would be unrealistic without it.

    There appears to be a great deal of vagueness in the assignments I have. There is a divorce case, with a Will that hasn't been updated, but no mention of whether the Will leaves assets to the ex-wife or not. Kinda makes it difficult for IHT planning!

    There is too much missing from the Fact Find to warrant robust recommendations, but I think maybe the CII are leaving these holes there so that PPs know how to question advisers - fits the reality of Paraplanning.

  • I’ve just submitted my last assignment for J09. I didn’t use any cash flow software. I had a few graphs that I did in excel in them.

    I agree that the fact find wasn’t great. But for the questions I had it was enough.

    You might want to check you comment regard the Will. The rule regarding Will’s and divorce is mention widely in CII texts and Inheritance Tax Manuel from HMRC.

  • Thank you john.mackellar - noted.

    I handed in my J09 Assignment 1 on 3rd July. I have yet to receive a grade (39 days today) so thought I would post that it looks like the CII are using the full 40 days at the moment.

    One of my colleagues handed in an AF assignment (AF08 I think) and got a quicker response (maybe 25 days ish) - it looks like J09 is very popular! Strengthens the cause to lay out our assignments well and make them easy to read etc..

  • Good luck with your assignment.

    My previous 2 assignments took about 25 (working days to mark), even the one over Christmas period.

    They say 40 working days in their guide. I handed my final one in on the 3rd July, and the course expires 26th August so I hope it isn't going to take much longer as I may need to redo it. I'll be more panicked if it's not marked by the end of this week.

  • Thank you, you too.

    I also noticed that the study guide has a contradiction. It states in the "Completing Coursework Assignments" section that the word count includes text and numbers contained within any tables, although the summary on the same page says that tables and charts are not included in the word count.

    I cannot remember what I did for Assignment 1, but looks like my Assignment 2 and 3 are going to go through a pretty brutal editing process.

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