AF Exams - 2 in one go?

Has anyone had experience of either doing two AF exams in one go or two exams on the same day?

Ideally, I want to study from June/July onwards for my first AF exam and am thinking of sitting AF1 on the 7th October and AF5 on the 9th October


AF1 on the AM on the 7th October and J02 on the PM on the 7th October (as J02 ties in with the AF1 content).

I am very good at study planning and ensuring I am prepared and organise with my revision and ideally i want to get these done sooner rather than later due to possible family changes in the next few years. Is either of the above situations possible? I wouldn't do the next two chartered ones at the same time but I feel I might be able to fully focus on AF1 then give AF5 a chance and see if I could pass it!

Many thanks!


  • I did J05 and AF7 on consecutive days in October as there is a fair amount of overlap in the 2 subjects, but I wouldn't recommend it for 2 AF exams. I am sure there are people who do manage it but I would prefer to concentrate on getting through one at a time, even if it does take a bit longer.
    I had to resit AF7 in April and am not planning on moving to the next one until that is nailed

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