Offshore Bonds taxation benefits

I am making a proposal for a UK non-tax payer to invest in both an Onshore Account (GIA/ISA) and an Offshore Bond.

Makes total sense as it is for a Deputyship case for investment of settlement award - all very standard as income need is a given owing to the nature of the circumstances.

I'm trying to get the taxation benefits of both the 5% withdrawals and the option of segment surrenders across in a 'catchy' way. there is loads of support information and lots of wording but I'm looking for something that can capture this in a picture/diagram format .

Has anyone seen any presentations on this or have anything in their archives they can think of - at the moment its a page of text and I want to "sex" it up to get the point across to the Solicitors, as they in my opinion are putting to much focus on the initial costs and seeing the longer term financial benefits... i.e. for £1 million bond there is 5% withdrawals of £50,000 p.a. plus opportunity to use the unused tax allowances of circa £18,500 available...

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