Did anyone sit J05 today?

Just wondering if anyone else sat this today and what their thought were? Two of the questions I just didn’t understand so I know I’ve lost 15 points out of the 130 before I’ve even started, not good.


  • Oh dear - can you remember what they were about?

  • State pension - the reason why someone would get more than the regular amount - she was getting £190. I initially I put she may have paid extra voluntarily but I think that’s wrong. I then wrote it might be something to do with a deferred spouses death benefit.. as for the other question it was to do with levels of escalation, pre 97m which I really couldn’t remember :(

  • I’m very disappointed having passed the last two quite comfortably. Very miserable after today’s experience.

  • The rest of it I think I did okay at but having thrown away two questions my chances are not good.

  • The reason her state pension was higher is because she delayed it and would have got 1% increase for every 9 weeks delayed. The answer is glaringly obvious and I went blank, I am so annoyed 😡😡😡

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