Does your FE have shed loads of portfolios that you no longer need?

As of last week I had about 5,000 portfolios in my FE liscence and I was paying my neighbours son to delete them one by one. Until on Saturday I discovered this.

I hope you find it useful?


  • richallumrichallum Administrator

    Top video again Nathan

    Paraplanner. F1, Apple, Nutella, ice cream. No trite motivational quotes. Turning a bit northern. Republican.

  • NathanNathan Member

    No worries, was I the only one that didn't know about this feature?

  • I found it a few months ago and did a major clean up. I was slightly hampered by how some of the portfolios had been set up so I've changed the default settings to make future cleaning easier (in theory!).

  • That's on our list of things to ask FE about post TYE - thank you once again

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