R02 mock questions

Hi everyone,

I am currently studying for R02 & bought the Brand mock questions. I have looked at both them and the revision mate questions & am wondering which ones are most like the actual exam?

Thanks, Sara


  • Dxm87Dxm87 Member

    I would say the Brand questions are closer to what you will get in the exam (based on my experience of sitting LP2, R01 & R05), although I like to base my revision around the revisionmate questions as it's a good way to see what areas you need to revise on. Then when it's closer to the exam just do the brand papers as many times as I can.

  • Sara1Sara1 Member

    Thanks for your help. I went for the Brand ones & managed to pass 1st time!

  • Congratulations - I've been told it is one of the harder exams (this from one of the invigilators at the exam centre).

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