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Hi all,

I’ve noticed similar questions have been posed before but none that specifically answer my query.

Studying for R02 at the moment and I’ve read a lot about the BrandFT materials and they seem to get good reviews. I was just wondering, for those who’ve used these materials, do you by the study text (much shorter than the CII study materials) and that’s all you need for your exam? Or does this just provide a summary/highlights of the module and then you use the CII text for more detail?



  • kpinkpin Member


    I would say it depends on your level of knowledge/experience/confidence within the area.

    For some e.g. R05 or other ones I felt confident with, I purchased condensed study notes and used them along with lots of practice questions. For any area I got multiple questions wrong, I'd at that point go back over that topic within the text book.

    Of course everybody revises differently, but for me personally, I found it more beneficial to concentrate on doing as many practice papers as possible and then going over the tricky bits in the notes/text book.

    I have however found it useful having the various textbooks in the office for reference if I need to look over anything for a report etc.

    Hope that helps & good luck!


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    That's great thanks for the insight!

  • Dxm87Dxm87 Member

    So far I've passed LP2, R01 & R05 first time. What's worked for me is buying the notes from Redmill, reading them them twice then doing the question packs on revision mate and practice papers from Brand. I then go through the questions I got wrong and make notes on that particular section, I will use the CII text book as reference as the chapter numbers are next to the answers. I then keep repeating the questions over and over until I'm getting pretty much all the answers correct. Seems to be working so far.

    I have yet to read the CII text book, I think if I relied solely on that I would have failed. There is far too much information in that book and you can't take notes on all of it.

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