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Anyone use anything other than Allenbridge for this?



  • We have used in the past - Martin Churchill is very respected in these areas.

    EQ (who I work for) review the market using our investment specialists in-house. If you take a look at the Investing part of our website you'll find some useful info and our views.
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  • Thanks for that Dan. I'll pass it on. 
  • PeterMPeterM Member
    MICAP are also worth using.

    They carry out reviews of EIS/SEIS, VCT and BPR products and also have a list of currently available opportunities.

    They seem to have less reviews than Martin Churchill or Allenbridge but they are adding more all the time.

    You can get a one week free trial of the system which lets you produce a list of currently open EIS.

    In terms of our due diligence, we set criteria on the type of provider and opportunity we would consider for clients and then used this as the starting point to filter out providers that didn't meet our criteria.

    We then asked the provider for either a Churchill, Allenbridge or MICAP review and went from there.  

    We have also used reports from Hardman & Co, although they seem to be the less well known than the other three, at least in the EIS,VCT, BPR space.

  • Thanks for this Peter. I'll have a look at your suggestions.
  • Word of caution on the MiCap one.

    Whereas providers of tax efficient products do not pay Churchill or Allenbridge for a review; MiCap charges the provider.... bit of a conflict in interest in my opinion.

    Why would a provider pay for a bad review and would MiCap give one.....?

    Many of the EIS / BPR providers echo this concern and have chosen not to go with MiCap.
  • Hi everyone, 

    Has anyone heard of/ tried Kuber? I had a meeting with one of their reps a few weeks ago and it seems like a good idea, but haven't got any further than that so far. Would be good to hear others' opinions if there are any!

  • We have found that for some reason, Churchill has simply not updated / not reviewed any of the EIS he had promised in the spring. We have looked at MiCAP who seem to have been getting much better over the past year. Yes there is that conflict, but the managers we have spoken with seem to be embracing them (which seems to contradict what Jona says but hey, I guess it depends on who you speak with!)
  • Yep Churchill can be a little sporadic - I know he is just about to release a full review of open BPR offerings and this has taken up considerable time, so hopefully EIS will follow....

    Problem with some EIS is that they are relatively small tranches that fill quickly - why would Churchill (or Allenbridge) spend time on something that may well close before they can issue their report.

    It a tricky one - you need some independent view on it, and I suppose MiCAP - as it gains traction might become the go to place.

    On the Kuber stuff, my understanding is essentially they are a DFM selecting a portfolio of EIS products, which introduces some complexities - for instance, inter alia, our PI insurers have said no media exposure whatsoever; how can we guarantee that via the Kuber route.
  • Thanks @Jona, definitely something to think about. From what i've been told, they are less of a DFM but more of a platform; they have their own model portfolios so to speak of EIS products, but we can pick and choose our own from a list so it appealed from the view that they had solid due diligence carried out on each proposition and we could build on it from there alongside the likes of the research firms mentioned above. The downside was the big EIS providers weren't on there so funds would typically need to be split between them and the bigger providers to further diversify.
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    There are several investment funds available via Seedrs that I've used for EIS and SEIS. Do these gain much traction elsewhere?
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