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Quite a vague question but I'm trying to work out when to sit what exam to get Chartered (I have my Diploma).

In terms of the April & October sittings for AF papers, how long would you say is needed to prepare for them?

I'm thinking of using Expert Pensions but from looking online their timetable seems to be tailored for the April sitting - is that usually enough time (4 months)? I'm thinking of starting with AF4.

Thank you!


  • The Expert Pensions structured study plans for the April exams have already started so if you were to sign up, you'd need to catch up a little.

  • NathNath Member

    4 months is enough time with the structured study plan they provide. As already mentioned they started 21st Jan though so you would need to catch up so if you are going to use them get involved now.

    I used them for AF3 and now for AF5. They do both April and October sittings. I have taken one AF each October and April so far (AF3, October 2017, AF1 in April 2018 AF4 in October 2018 and now AF5 for April 2019 and Chartered). 4 months is ample time if you follow the structured study plan and put in the hours.

  • kpinkpin Member

    Thank you very much for your help @amarshall and @Nath

  • ParaPParaP Member

    3-4 months is more than enough time. Even less for AF5 as you can only really start preparing for the exam once the fact find is released in my opinion.

    I used expert pensions for AF3, AF4 & AF5 and found them very useful. As John would say, make sure you double bubble and look at sitting J10 with AF4! I only decided against it for AF1 but that was down to affordability.

    Good luck with your studies!!

  • kpinkpin Member

    Thanks @ParaP and yes definitely going to try the double bubble approach! Thanks again.

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