J05 help please

I've decided to do J05 for my final exam (once I hopefully pass R01 in a few weeks). Is there any mock exam or resources available for this please?


  • There is the April 2018 exam guide which goes over the 'model answers' for that sitting. (Copy attached.)

    I like your optimism that this will be your 'final exam'. Unless you are retiring in a year or so I suspect it won't be :)

  • Thank you Richard. Much appreciated! I suspect it won't be the final exam, but the final one for now anyway :)

  • R01 & R02 in the bag so it just leaves this one but I notice it’s a written exam. Has anyone got any feedback on how they found this one? I found the R01 & 2 pretty hard but managed to pass by putting in many hours of study. The exam questions were horrid and the book didn’t cover all of it, so very surprised to have passed.

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