Report Content

How! All

I am having another think about the content of the reports that we produce and whilst we have made them shorter, I still think they are too long.

I am seen some reports which literally just contain what the FCA want and everything else is in the appendix.

At the moment we have the following sections

Your Objectives and My Recommendations
Current situation
Risk Profile
Product & Provider Recommendation
Portfolio Recommendation
Cost Comparisons where appropriate
Risk Warnings
Advice Costs
Regular Review
Your Rights
Duty of Disclosure
Next Steps
Client Declaration

My thoughts are

Risk Profile
Put in the risk profile section just say we agreed x level of risk based upon your term, knowledge and capacity for loss and further details can be found in the appendix

Product and Provider Recommendation
Put in I am recommending X product on the Y platform the reasons for which can be found in the appendix

Portfolio Recommendation
I am recommending X portfolio and further details can be found in the appendix

This, I believe would cut the main body of our report down by half, from 14 pages to 7.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this approach or been told its not compliant?

My concern is that we havent actually shorterned the report, but rather had to make the client jump around to find stuff?

Any feedback would be appreciated.


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