New entry to the world of finance and paraplanning

Hello Everyone

I was after some advice on the best way to start my career in the financial world.

A little back story; over the last 10 years or so, I've gained a strong working background in data analysing, sales and numbers in the company I currently work for (not in finance). I feel it's time to move on, and that finance would be a good place to move into given my interests and skills.

My wife and I have recently had our second child, so the drive for self improvement has never been higher. However, I can't afford to move to an entry level role within finance to gain experience that way.

My current solution is to revise and pass my R0 exams across 2019, and look for a higher level role once I've passed R01 - R06.

My question would be, do you have any advice on my plan to enter the market? And any tips on revising for R0 exams for an outsider?



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