New classroom based Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning

Hi All,

Just read this article in on Professional Paraplanner website. Blackburn College are offering a classroom based Diploma course starting in January. Unfortunately Blackburn is a bit to far for me to travel on a Tuesday evening :(
Fingers crossed that more colleges take up this idea as I would really love being able to meet face to face and bounce ideas off other people on the same course.,60LA5,PX747F,NL1QQ,1


  • A very good chance to do RO1 which i have failed once.

    Buy I can't seem to figure out how can we get thought RO1 in 15 hours and be ready for the exam.


    I have spent many hours on RO1.

  • Those hours do sound ridiculous if someone is just starting out. Would take a lot more than 15 hours study in my opinion. There is so much free material out there now for the R0 exams and only so many questions they can ask so stick with the book and practice LOTS of mock papers and it shouldn't be too taxing (pun intended!)

  • Any other colleges in Essex doing such programmes???

  • Blackburn is the only one. If it proves successful then I guess others may follow

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