Holiday Let - Pensionable Earnings

Hi all,

We have a client who receives some rental income from holiday lets. Happy that it falls within the definition of a "Furnished Holiday Let", so the website suggests the following:

  • the profits count as earnings for pension purposes

When getting the necessary figures from the client, does anyone have guidance on what counts as "profits" here? She doesn't have an accountant and I'm not sure exactly what would need to be deducted from the gross rental income.

I'm hoping it's obvious, but the client is a bit of a tricky one and I'd like to reduce the margin for error as far as possible!

Thank you :)



  • It's taxable as a business isn't it - so allowable deductions can be claimed in arriving at profit.

    Client must be reporting this via Self Assessment so what figure does their last tax comp give as profit.

    Is that the figure to start with?

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