Sitting J10 in January and wondered if anyone had sat this recently and remembers any key themes or areas to concentrate on?

I appreciate the book provides guidance as to what areas are given what marks, but anything you can share would be appreciated!

Thank you


  • Hi Jamie

    Although it seems like recently, I sat J10 in May/June last year. Best advice is to stick to the weightings in the syllabus as the exams tend to stay tight to the expectations.

    I'd recommend the Brand resources, and I'd also suggest that, if your funding allows, sitting J12 and AF4 (in April) as they are all essentially drawing from the same learning and you can bag 70 quality credits.

    Also, take some comfort from the fact that J10 has the highest pass rate of all the multi-choice L4 exams.

    Good luck!

    Benjamin Fabi FPFS
    Chartered Financial Planner

  • I second Ben's suggestion of doing the J and AF equivalent.....I didn't and massively regret the decision for all AF exams (currently awaiting AF results then AF5 to go if passed!)

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